Dec 1, 2011

Christmas Wish List

December has come and you know what that means: it's getting cold outside, 24 more days until Christmas, free time, lots of candy, snow, Christmas decorations, and PRESENTS! :)

So I thought, why not start the month, my 4th month blogging, by making a wish list! Now, I know I'll probably never get all of them, but it's nice and useful to make one- who knows who might see it and get me what I want, right? And maybe it's an inspiration for you, as well!

In no particular order, here are some of my choices:
The Book thief- Markus Zusak
Franny and Zooey- J.D. Sallinger
Rules of Attraction and Less than Zero- Bret Easton Ellis
The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex- Mark Kermode
Life Itself- Roger Ebert
1Q84- Haruki Murakami
The beautiful and the damned- F.Scott Fitzgerald

DVDs (most of them already seen, some waiting to be put for the first time in the DVD player)
Fight Club
500 days of summer
Fanny and Alexander (Criterion would be nice :) )
A clockwork orange
Inglorious Basterds
2001: Space Odyssey
Exit through the gift shop
Three colours trilogy
The entire Harry Potter collection

Michael Bubble- Christmas
Florence and the Machine- Ceremonials
500 days of summer Soundtrack
Chicago Soundtrack
Birdy album
Coldplay album

The New Yorker
Vanity Fair
Entertainment Weekly

Movies and trailers
Can I please have a closer release date for Superman: Man of Steel, an East of Eden miniseries or movie and maybe that Five Brothers film that Hollywood is talking about with Garrett Hedlund in it somehow?
If possible, I would love to see Shame and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo about NOW! why wait until January?
Also, the new On The Road trailer before Christmas? Maybe some pictures and a release date? That would be nice, thank you Santa!

Ultimate wish: a way to get into press screenings or film events!

There you have it! Hope you like it!

I'm really curious to see what you want for Christmas! Please let me know in the comments or make a similar post and I will update mine with your link (don't forget to send it)! BLOGATHON!

Nikhat from Being Norma Jean wrote her Christmas Wishlist here- check it out


  1. Haha, we have some of the books in common. Though I have been collecting books like a mad person and haven't been reading them, so I will contain myself. Well, try to anyways. The Book Thief is amazing btw.

  2. I have a thing for collecting books, as well, I always buy, but never read them all! Don't you wanna share your Christmas List? I'd love to see what is on it! I will link back here, as well!

  3. VERY cool! I might do this as well, it's easy to create a wishlist and I'm gonna shoot for the moon (read: no chance the wish would be granted) :D

  4. Ruth, shoot for the stars and report back to me! I would love to see your wishlist!

  5. Books on my wish list are A Prayer for Owen Meany ,Of Human Bondage, and charles bukowski's Ham on Rye.

    The book thief I found a bit overrated and not really an adult book, and was expecting more considering the love for it everywhere. Maybe its just me who has unreasonably high expectations! I hear they are making a movie of it.

    I can understand you want to own Kubrick's films. I have a box collection of his best work ( :

  6. I've started reading 1Q84. You'll like it a lot. The chapters alternate the stories which is a little sad since you just want to follow the woman more!

  7. @movieandsongs365: Thanks for the short list of books, if you ever decide to make a longer one, please do let me know! Thanks for dropping by!
    @Max: I started reading it in the Waterstone bookstore and I loved the writers style (well, actually, the translators style) and it seemed interesting, I want to read it soon! So Max, what do you want for Christmas? Waiting for the list :)

  8. I am pretty sure you will get everything you desire.... now have you been naughty or nice?

  9. Scott, I think I've been nice...most of the time! :)

  10. @Aziza I buy a lot of things that I want but it might be interesting to post the things I was looking into. Atleast I want to make some holiday recommendations. I'll probably put that up soon.

  11. @Pete: Thanks! what do you want for Christmas?
    @Max: That's great, I am always up for recommendations! Let me know when you post so I can put the link here, as well!

  12. oooo Rise Against's Latest album Endgame, The Hunger Games trilogy of books and 127 Hours on Blu-Ray so far... but I'm sure I'll think of more!

  13. Welcome to the Lamb Aziza!

    This is a nice idea for a post. Did you know that you can actually post a link to an Amazon wish list that people actually buy stuff from and it gets sent to you. =)

  14. @Pete: Hunger Games trilogy is great! As expected, 1 is the best, 2 is great in the second half and the third really frustrated me! But you should read it!
    @JoelB: Thanks Joel! The idea is great, but I don't want to force anyone into buying me Amazon ships it to you rather slow (in my experience), so they probably won't come before Christmas! :))