Dec 2, 2011


Hugo is magical! Yes, that is the right word to describe it- magical! I was mesmerised by it and I hope to share with you what I've experienced during the viewing!

The film, based on a book, tells the story of a young orphan boy who lives in the walls of the central train station of Paris, fixing clocks and constantly trying to solve the mistery of the automaton left by his father. It's a wonderful story of hope, love, adventure, passion, choices, purpose and love for film.

I must say if I would have gone into the theater not knowing who directed it, I wouldn't have said Martin Scorsese afterwards; it's not his style, yet this movie is absolutely fantastic, especially direction-wise. The 3D aspect and the cinematography are outstanding- never has Paris looked so beautiful and breath-taking.

Asa Butterfield as Hugo perfectly portrays the young man desperate to fulfill his fathers' last wish and, most importantly, to find a purpose in life. That is his journey and the movie takes you into that fantastic adventure and then some. He is not overacting, he is not too dramatic or gimmicky, he's just acting like a boy, and he delivers big time.

Chloe Moretz, another lovely surprise, is Isabel, his companion and I just love her- she is sweet, smart, approachable and still has that child's naive sense, and I hope she keeps it a little longer. Her face when she says "Is it a secret?" is just adorable. Other mentionable performances, of course, include Ben Kingsley, Sasha Baron Cohen, Emily Mortimer and the stunning Helen McCrory.

I admired and loved the fact Scorsese and the scripwriters formed this movie as an ode to cinema, to early cinema, to the Meliers years and the beauty and joy that it should transmit. It was an original, visually stunning and interesting omage to it and it fitted perfectly into the film, alongside the other plot.

It is not a film only for children, it is a film for everyone, for every age, and I am sure it will be loved and admired by most of them! It's a simple, yet very approachable story, that you can relate to, but it also allows you to enter a magical world, a dream that can make you happy- Hugo does that to the T.

All in all, it is one of the best films I've seen this year- I cannot find something wrong with it! I left the cinema with such a pleasant feeling of happiness and joy, but most importantly, with the idea that I have just seen a masterpiece, something tryly beautiful; I just loved it! After a couple hours, the magic goes away, but the impression stays the same- Hugo is a very good movie!

Please go see it, especially now, around Christmas!

p.s. I do think it has big chances for this awards season, especially for director, cinematography, even best picture!


  1. Cannot wait. This might be my most anticipated film now - having seen The Descendants. Though The Skin I Live In and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy have also eluded me. Great review Aziza - I'm glad it had a magical effect on you :-)

  2. Glad you liked it. Still can't decide if this or DRIVE is my favorite film of the year so far. And how different they are haha

  3. @Andy: Yes, it is worth the hype and the wait! Hope you see it soon!I should really try to find a way to see The skin I live in and TTSS, I don't know how I missed them!
    @Alex: Yes, I can understand how you feel! And yet again, we like the same things, that's refreshing to know :))
    Thanks guys for the comments- lovely, as usual!

  4. The movie itself runs a bit long at 127 minutes, but Hugo is worth every minute for the visual feast it provides, and features Scorsese in probably his most delightful and elegant mood ever, especially with all of the beautiful 3-D. Good review Aziza.

  5. I must get my girls off to see this one. Everyone is loving it soo much!! Maybe on Saturday... fingers crossed.


  6. @Dan: I never thought it was too long, it didn't bother me! A great movie indeed, and the 3D was amazing!
    @Scott: You should def take them to see it, but they might get bored at some point (that happenned in my cinema with a couple of girls)

  7. I really, really, really hate the fact that I probably won't get to see this until January when it comes out in Australia....maybe I'll be able to snag some preview screening tix...great review!

  8. You can tell a movie is magical when the movie itself tells you it's magical over and over and over again.