Dec 9, 2011

My week with Marilyn[2011]

I have read mixed reviews about this movie- some hate it and consider it to be foolish and with obvious flaws, some were delighted by it! It all comes down to perspective and expectations; from what point of view are you reviewing it and what were your expectations going in? Here's my take on it!

My week with Marilyn is a good movie- not the best, not a sure bet for Best Picture Oscar 2012 or anything similar, but I enjoyed it. It was simple, catchy, flashy, with a great story and it had its funny moments. I can, and hopefully you, too, enjoy a movie without considering it for awards or examining it from every angle, trying to find its flaws. Maybe the guys won't enjoy it, because, again, like in The Help's case, it is more addressed to women, but there are some beautiful parts to it.

First of all, and the most important one, Michelle Williams is fantastic. She doesn't really look like Monroe, but anyone can appreciate the effort she put into transforming for this part- in every way. I am not very familiar to all of Norma Jean's work, but I do think she was a fascinating character and this movie made me reconsider some points and learn more about her. MW delivers a great performance, perfectly portraying different traits and flaws, emotions and gestures of the famous starlet, adding new layers to her.

Her chemistry with Eddie Redmayne is visible, but not very convincing. All of the time she seemed to consider him as a boy, as a toy, while Colin(ER character) looked up to her like she was a goddess. He was good, but just a supporting act for the great MW and KB(Kenneth Branagh). His lovely, dreamy, "oh, how I adore her" stare is beautiful, but it starts to feel old and annoying by the end. Judi Dench has a wonderful supporting part and you can also find Julia Ormond, Dominic Cooper and Emily Watson there, but with no greater significance.

The film seemed to be shot paparazzi style, with a fast movement of the camera, but I liked that aspect, it fitted the whole Hollywood (actually Pinewood) scenery. The sets and costumes appropriately created the atmosphere of the 1950s and the soundtrack was also, fantastic.

Like I said, it wasn't the perfect film and I didn't think it aimed for that. My week with Marilyn was easy, fun, entertaining and glamorous. Sometimes that is enough- I think you should see it!


  1. "Her chemistry with Eddie Redmayne is visible, but not very convincing..." completely agree with that.

    I just wished the film would've focused entirely on the making of the movie, because Williams and Branagh were fantastic. The relationship with Colin bored me to tears.

  2. Alex, I liked the relationship, it added the romantic feel to the movie, but it was one dimensional- Marilyn gives flirty looks or just seems totally out of this world, Colin stares at her or tells her how amazing she is...and that's about it! Nothing really exciting!The making of the movie was really great, I liked Judi Dench's character!