May 18, 2013

Oh, Gatsby!

*Diana's head pops up over the surface*

"Hello? Anybody here? Where did everyone go?
Oh, I knew it, I knew this would happen. I go away for 1, ok maybe 2 and a half months and people just forget me." she starts pacing around, back and forth in her seemingly deserted blog.

" blog visits are still rather respectable- 50 something per day? that's what I used to get before. I wonder why they come back, even if there's no new content...
Anyway, I wonder what everyone is doing? I'm so behind on stuff!" she says frustrated and opens her iPad.

"I still read their blogs, but my Twitter is collecting dust and God...if they only knew that I haven't watched a movie in...." she bows her head but suddenly remembers.

"Oh wait, I did, actually! Just today!
The Great Gatsby! In 3D!
Oh my sweet Leonardo, Oh you, the Paul Newman of our generation, the smart, gentleman-y James Dean, the gorgeous man with big blue eyes and huge talent!" her eyes shine and she fondly remembers Jay Gatsby, soaked from the rain, entering Nick's house to meet Daisy for the first day in a long time.

"Stop it Diana, you're supposed to review the film, not Leo's appearance! (Although there would be so much to say about that, too...)
So yes, The Great Gatsby! I don't know what you most will say about it, but the Baz Luhrman fangirl in me loved it. Obviously, because it looked just fantastic, as all Baz movies look like, but also because of the story, the script, the music and some performances. Except maybe Carey Mulligan's underwhelming performance and Isla Fischer's over the top one, everyone came up to par. I especially loved Joel Edgerton's Tom and, of course, the master of ceremonies, the man, Leonardo DiCaprio. It's probably too much to ask or even to consider, but I would give him some awards for this role. The lovely lady playing Jordan Baker is the breakout star of the film, and it's nice to Jason Clarke around there, too, although in a poor state.
Now, I know the film didn't receive great reviews, but I don't get why people were so "mean" to it. Let's face it, the movie looked great- check, the music was fantastic- check, the costumes, sets and photography were breathtaking- check, and most of the performances rocked- check. As for the actual storyline, I always thought Gatsby's story was interesting and I really liked how they built and showcased his character throughout the movie. Honestly, for me it was a great movie! Oh, I just wish would enjoy movies more and analyze them less...."

"Pheww....See Diana, it wasn't that hard, you can still review movies (although if you could just use less adjectives and more verbs and reasoning, that would be nice)
Well, thanks for listening!" she says smiling and starts to wave at...

*Diana's smile disappears and looks sadly around her deserted blog and lets her head down, realizing that no one is probably listening*

Feb 17, 2013

Child's Pose wins Golden Bear

We (I) interrupt the normal schedule to give you the fabulous news that Child's Pose, the newest Romanian film, has won the Golden Bear at Berlin Festival!

I am very very happy and proud of this great accomplishment and I can't wait to see it soon in cinemas- it comes out in March here!

I hope you'll get to see it, too and like it!

It tells the story of a domineering mother from Romania's elite who sees a chance to regain control over her adult son when he faces manslaughter charges for reckless driving.

For more information check out these links,0,4668655.story 

Have a nice Sunday!