Dec 13, 2011

Search for reviews/opinions

Hey guys,

Quick post today!

Lately I have been thinking of some of my favorite movies or just those who still remain memorable for me, for one reason or another. I am just curious to see what others think of them and or have actually reviewed them for the blog.

So, if you know, have seen, liked/disliked or, even better, reviewed the next movies, please do let me know in the comments:
Legends of the Fall
Dangerous Beauty 
Cruel Intentions
Cry Baby
Four Brothers
English Patient

Thank you and have a nice day/evening/night!


  1. How about...if we haven't seen any of the ones you listed which should we watch first?

  2. :) Well, Max, it depends! Most of them are very girl-oriented, if you know what I mean, but I would suggest starting with the English Patient(it got a lot of Oscars, including Best picture), but also Legends of the Fall and maybe Dangerous Beauty and Cruel Intentions. Again, I can't really say, as I don't know exactly what you like. Check IMDb and just choose which one you find more interesting! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Aaaa....I forgot about Four Brothers...yes, do that, it has a lot more action, you will like it!

  4. I've always meant to watch English Patient...I love Ralph Fiennes...I really have a lot of films that I need to see!

  5. Cruel Intentions... it has been too long ;-)

  6. I've seen Legends of the Fall, Cruel Intention and Four Brothers. Certainly a group of average movies ahah.

  7. @Scott:I watched Cruel Intentions with my sisters, so I still remember it now!I think it's good!
    @Castor: So nothing special about them?out of those three which one you liked best?

  8. I've seen all of those except Cry Baby. I have not yet written any reviews for them, though. Very quickly:

    Legends of the Fall - 2 stars out of 5 - so so movie, but Brad Pitt sure looked pretty, didn't he ladies?

    Dangerous Beauty - 3 stars out of 5 - really liked McCormack's performance and the storyline - was surprised on a second viewing to now recognize Naomi Watts in an early role.

    Cruel Intentions - 3 stars out of 5 - does a good job of translating the Dangerous Liaisons story to a modern day setting and in making them teens. Selma Blair's comedic scenes were a nice touch.

    Four Brothers - 3 stars out of 5 - kind of predictable, but it gave me what I wanted to see.

    The English Patient - 1 star out of 5 - sorry, but my Y chromosome is showing here - after about 45 minutes I forced myself to continue watching all 162 minutes of it just so I could say I had seen yet another Best Picture winner - either the English patient storyline or the nurse storyline would have made a decent movie on their own, but together they diluted each other and made it feel like the movie lost focus over and over. (By the way, I liked both Out of Africa and Titanic, so I don't hate most romantic movies.)

    Any other movie opinions you are curious about?

  9. @Chip: Thank you so much- that is what I was looking for! English Patient did test my patience in some points, although the end kind of saved it for me!It is a good movie, but I understand why you didn't like it. As for the others, I agree, they are not perfect, but somehow they still got my attention and most of them were viewed when I was much younger, so... :)