Dec 7, 2011

Elizabeth: The Golden Age and the Clive Owen Appreciation post

Elizabeth: The Golden Age follows the story of the Virgin Queen in the 1500s trying to resist the Spanish Armada, and the love and attraction she has for sir Walter Raleigh, a handsome sailor/pirate who just conquered a part of the New World. Things don't run smoothly, as her lady in waiting, Bess becames involved with the gentleman.

Before reaching the maximum point, for me at least, let's first discuss the obvious. As to be expected, Cate Blanchett is wonderful and delivers a very interesting performance of a strange, rather peculiar woman who must save her country and act in a given way, although she wants different things, like going in adventures or having relations with simple, normal sailors. That's why she pushes Bess towards Raleigh, so the girl can experience what the queen wants to, but can't, because of her status.  Abbie Cornish, as the lovely girl, is also a pleasant presence, but doesn't really surprise us. Other mentionable characters include Samantha Morton(10+ for the Traitor and Hanging scene), as Mary Stuart and Eddie Redmayne, a very young, foolish Redmayne. The costume design is beautiful and it rightfully won the Oscar, and the direction is suitable for this kind of period drama. Shekhar Kapur? Never heard of him before, I must do some research about him.

Moving on to the most important thing- the star; as always, for me, it's Clive Owen. I must confess a long lasting crush I have for him; what is not to love? Tall, dark, handsome, with green eyes, British, fantastic actor, sober, misterious, a man- a real man, in the right sense of the word. He is just perfect! Whenever he smirks, I melt a little bit more; whenever he speaks, I listen and could continue to listen for hours (like Elizabeth in one scene of the movie)- his charm is undeniable, at least for me it is. In this movie he has an interesting chemistry with Cate, palpable, but not your regular one, maybe because she is such a peculiar character. One of the great scenes to prove it is the confruntation between the two regarding his departure to the new world- "You cannot leave England", a vulnerable Elizabeth says.

All in all, the movie is good, but not outstanding. If you like period drama, you should give it a try!

p.s. If you want more of that special British charm, I leave you with a picture, an 8 minute clip of a BWM commercial (please ignore Madonna, she is horrible in it) and a scene of one of his movies- maybe then you will approve! :)

BMW commercial Star
Clip from Inside Man- great movie, I should really see it again, it's been ages


  1. LOVE Clive Owen, I miss seeing him but he hasn't been in anything I'm interested in lately. LOVE him as the smouldering Sir Raleigh, and also Blanchett as Elizabeth.

  2. Ow ... I love Elizabeth. Beautiful cinematography with great actress. Cate was really awesome there.

    Me too,I want to see Inside man again,I think that movie is one of the best bank robbery movie,so unpredictable.

  3. teehee, a do love a crush!! Clive Owen is a handsome and deserving devil!!

    I haven't seen this film, my weakness is definitely period dramas....hmmm

    Great write up my bud!

  4. @Ruth: Yes, Clive Owen is wonderful :)
    @Novroz: Inside Man was very smart, I remember seeing it for the first time and being very surprised by it, great twist!
    @Scott: If you like period dramas, you should try it! Have you seen The Tudors? Another great show with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill!

  5. I haven't seen Elizabeth (either of them), but Clive Owen is a beast. There's just something about him that is so overwhelming!

  6. Christ how I love Clive Owen. His role as Larry in Closer is a serious force of nature. One of the best acting performances of the 2000s. Also... Children of Men.

    Nice post!

  7. @Stevee: Yes, seeing Clive Owen can be overwhelming sometimes:)
    @Alex: Oh,I loved him in Closer, he was fantastic! I still need to see Children of Men...soon!It is on my list!

  8. About Shekhar kapoor, He is an Indian Director. He made few Hindi movies before moving on to Hollywood with Elizabeth - other one, not the one you wrote about. Hasn't been that prolific but most of them are not bad. Check out Bandit Queen(1994), if you are interested.

  9. I am going to recommend Children of Men to you, too. I wrote a review here (no spoilers):

  10. @Chip: Thanks Chip, this was on my To See list for a long time, I should really watch it soon! Reading your review now!