Nov 28, 2011

Just in case you haven't, you should...

..check out this movies!

Both are freshly taken from the movie jar, as I have seen them a long time ago, but I just wanted to remind you of some great films!  I am curious to see which one you like!

Boogie Nights

5 minutes in and I already recognize 98% of the cast: Julianne Moore, Heather Graham, John C.Reilly, William Macy.,Don Cheadle and, of course Mark Whalberg. The sweet, chilled out, respectful, dorky haircut Mark Whalberg...and then he takes his clothes off and I’m already in love with this movie (hey, don’t judge, i’m a girl, he’s hot, what can I do?).

He shows off his acting chops right from the beginning, starting with the loud and brutal discussion he has with his mother, and then decides to change his life. Oh, and what a life he is going to have...for about 5 years....and then things go down.

I have got to mention some random characters that I just loved and giggled over. Don Cheadle as a very loveale, confused guy, always changing his style. Phillip Seymour Hoffman as an unrecognizable very sweet, cool and gentle gay guy. Julianne Moore as the motherly type to all the misfits in the house.

Seeing this movie you get everything: cool music, attrative guys and girls, sex scenes, OMG moments (the first movie Dirk shot, the 80s new years eve party), action. I enjoyed this movie and I think you will, too!

And in the end, they finally showed us what the big deal was all about! J

American Beauty
Listen up, all you folks who like to make To-See movie lists.

Add American Beauty to your list right now, if you haven't seen it! Reasons? Well, let’s see:  great performances from Kevin Spacey, Wes Bentley or Tory Burch, the story is simple, yet very intriguing in some parts, you will get some OMG moments, the direction is amazing and stands out in so many ways (the way it was shot, the angles- it's Sam Mendes in all its glory) and it did win some awards in his days! Try it!

I am sure most of you have seen these films, so which one do you like most? Why?


  1. Always good to see Boogie Nights come up somewhere. Such a great film.

    American Beauty frustrated me, but that's okay too, I guess.

  2. Boogie Nights is such a good film. It is an essential watch!!

  3. I love both these films!
    I first saw American Beauty when I was 13 or 14 and I was a bit mortified, to say the least. But I saw it again when I turned 17 and it was amazing. Can you imagine if I had seen Boogie Nights instead? :P

  4. American Beauty is an amazing film. In my senior year of High School I wrote my thesis on comparing Arthur Miller's plays (Death of a Salesman and All my Sons) against American Beauty. It was looking into the American Dream. I should really find that paper. Anyways this is the film I always remember Kevin Spacey from (not LA Confidential).

  5. @Rodney:Boogie Nights is a good movie, not mind blowing, but still cool! I can understand why AB frustrated you, but I hope you enjoyed it!
    @Scott: You're a Diggler fan, I presume? :)
    @Nikhat: Boogie Nights wasn't that shocking, except the ending maybe :P I do agree on the AB part- I saw it a couple of months ago and it was better this way!
    @Max:I would love to read your paper on those two! If you find it, post it! :)