Nov 5, 2011

Remember, remember..

...the 5th of November!

For those who don't know, this date is pretty special in the UK, as it turns out. It's the day Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the House of Parliament in the 1600s, but didn't managed to. So, what do the brits do?celebrate it with fireworks- which is a little weird, at least from my perspective. But hey, since I'm here, I'll just go with it, right?

I didn't go to watch the fireworks, so I decided to watch a movie, and what other one is more appropriate then V for Vendetta?

It surprised me...I didn't expect it to be that good! The story is interesting, well-written, it keeps you on edge and the end is beautiful, but unfulfilling, at least for me [SPOILER: who was V after all?SPOILER].

The performances are great, although Natalie Portman's accent was a little odd...but kudos for trying! I loved the scene where she starts having a panic attack and V calms her down, and the last scenes, on the night of the event, are powerful and memorable. It's nice to see people can come together and fight for a better life, but I wonder if this would have really happened, would the people in this world, in 2011, react the same? The movie raises some interesant questions!

All in all, I enjoyed watching this and I recommend it, it was good, especially on this particular night!:)

Did you see it?What did you think of it?
For the UK readers- did anything special tonight?


  1. Hugo Weaving gives a truly excellent performance as V, given that he can't make any use of his face. Portman was competent enough although as you noted, her accent was uneven at best.

    Glad you liked V for Vendetta Aziza! Definitely a solid flick worth seeing.

  2. Felt like it dragged a bit in the mid-section but loved the explosive finale. Hoped for a lot more from the premise, I kind of wished there had been less Natalie Portman (which is a rare thing to say).

  3. It really doesn't matter who 'V' was in the end. His whole purpose was to spread the idea of V and that was stronger than he ever could be. I always remember the 5th of November is V for Vendetta day even though it's been a few years since I've seen it.

  4. @Castor: Weaving was, indeed, great as V, although we couldn't see his face!I always associate V for Vendetta with the 5th of November
    @pturner1010: I wished we had more V and less portman, too!it's fine :)
    @Max: i know it doesn't matter who V was in the end, and the message was loud and clear, but I was still curious, I had a feeling it was someone they already showed us, maybe Ruth(although V seemed very much a man)

  5. Haven't seen this one, but I do like Natalie Portman so I imagine I'll be getting around to this one soon enough.

    Didn't watch the fireworks this year... they're loud, annoying, and getting old. They're only fun to watch when you're a kid, I reckon.

  6. @Tyler: yeah, I am not a fan of fireworks, either! That's why I didn't do anything yesterday!Thanks for the recommendations on Bergman, I will get them soon!

  7. Cool, I was gonna do this post too but I've already committed to do my monthly Five for the Fifth post. Hugo Weaving is brilliant as V. I mean I'm not supposed to sympathize with a terrorist, but I couldn't help it. I dedicated a post for Hugo for acting so brilliantly under a mask.

  8. See, I disliked the film terribly. But I generally hate what ever Hollywood does with Alan Moore's work.

    The comic is a lot A LOT better then the film, if you ever get a chance to read it I recommend it Aziza

    (I know I am probably one of the few who didn't like this film)

  9. @Scott: I've never been a big fan of comics since no one around me was, either, but I want to give a try. What should I start with?and where can I get them?