Oct 31, 2011

October- the essentials


Autumn is here, October has past and it was a great month for me, since I got to watch a lot of interesting movies at the London Film Festival!

Inspired by the great Andy Buckle(who watched 41 movies this month only), I decided I should give a short recap of what I've seen in October plus some few honorable mentions of great blog posts!

In cinemas: Crazy Stupid Love, The machine that kills bad people+A trip to the moon(in colour), 50/50, Restless, Carnage, Take Shelter, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Miss Bala, Ides of March, An American in Paris

At home(DVD or other illegal sources:): Bicycle thieves, Another Earth, Let me in

All in all, for October, JUST 13 movies! Dissapointing, I know! But hey, in my defense, I am post-graduate student with classes and essays to turn in, so cut me some slack!

I've also squeezed in some TV, mainly 30 rock, Castle and some episodes of The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural!

This month I've been much more active on my blog, but also reading and posting on other blogs. I have discovered some great ones, I have constantly viewed others, and here are some honorable mentions:

Nikhat from Being Norma Jean has one of the most colourful, funny blogs out there. I love the fact that everytime I open her blog, I always discover a new, great song. Also, her Thoughts posts, like this one, for example, are very good!

Alex from And so it begins has been on my watch list almost every day. I love his style, his posts and it doesn't hurt that we have similar opinions and tastes in film-sometimes, not always. Two honorable mentions for him:  10 best criterion DVD covers and his new series, In character. P.S. Does Paul Bettany qualify for that? He is great!

Similar situation with Andy Buckle- great blog, very useful, always updated, the best reviews  (have to admire his passion for films). This month, his classic throwback gets an honorable mention

I can relate to the lovely Ruth, as university has been taking up some of my time, as well, so this post was interesting. Keep up the good work!

I always check CS's  Sharing the Blogging Love posts, hoping I am there (I had that honour a couple of weeks before, when I reviewed Revolutionary Road and it made me so happy, for some unknown reason). Also, I try to comment on the Which is better? series, like this one.

FlixChatter.net is a wonderful new blog I discovered a couple of days ago thanks to this post dedicated to one my favorites, Rufus Sewell!

Scott from Front Door Cinema has two lovely daughters that remind me of my nephews and an awesome blog, to top that. He is going to re-watch Shame in his local film festival- I am very jealous of him because of that- and, go figure, he also has DVD giveaways (hint: I have never won on these kind of competitions; hint2: Sin City would look so good in my DVD collection). A lot of love for him for always trying to comment on each post!

Phil on film has done an extensive LFF coverage, but I love this interview with the star and director of Miss Bala.

Bonjour Tristesse has such a wonderful blog and great writing style, that I always feel guilty that I can't really comment on her post- I don't watch a lot of international movies, unfortunately. This week, she did a similar post about the month of October and I am very happy to be there, on her list!

Tyler from Southern Vision always makes me feel like a kindergarden girl when it comes to movies- his knowledge on films is fantastic and I hope I'll get there someday! Interesting post right here!

Another great thing: my blog stats are off the charts! I remember on the 1st of October I had 300 something views, and now I have around 800. It's crazy!

Thank you guys for all of the support!

Hoping for a great November, full of interesting movies!


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out, Aziza! I'm glad I discovered your blog, too. Onwards and upwards!

  2. Awesome post Aziza, you've just introduced me to a whole bunch of inspiring looking blogs! Glad I found yours and looking forward to reading more!

  3. Good to hear the hits are growing! Keep up the good work!

  4. @ruth: hope you have a great November, Ruth!
    @pturner1010: thanks for dropping by!I just got some great tips on film tickets from your blog!Thaks!
    @Dan: thanks Dan!Shoot, I forgot to add your Houdini blogathon!loved doing it!

  5. You're too kind Aziza. Congrats on a great month of blogging, and many more to come. I appreciate the mention!

  6. 13? that is shocking!! Get with the programme!!

    I am just pulling you leg!!

    Thanks for the link loving my friend!! You are very lovely and have in such a short time grown your house very well!!

    Keep going and one day you will be as big as Ruth!! (She is a bit of a big deal)

  7. @Andy: Thanks!
    @Scott: Didn't knew Ruth was such a royalty!Then I am even more honoured!Hopefully this month I'll surpass 20 movies :) Thanks Scott!Have fun at the festival and see Shame for me, will you?

  8. Great recap of the month Aziza and thanks for the shout out and compliments. BTW despite the female sounding name I'm actually a he, apologies for the confusion.

  9. @Bonjour Tristesse: well, this is very embarassing! I am so sorry, I didn't knew!What is your name actually, so I don't call BT from now on? Sorry again....but you got the point..I love your blog!:)

  10. Thanks for kind words Aziza! Paul Bettany, hmmm, I’ll have to think about that one.

  11. I think it's so great promoting other blogs... Good job!

  12. No worries. BT is perfectly fine.