Oct 10, 2011

Crazy, Stupid,Love [2011]

You are probably expecting a long, objective, rather interesting review- I might dissapoint with this one! Because for this post I am getting out my girly side, the side who loves cheesy romantic comedies, likes to stare at hot men and secretly wishes she might be in the situations the characters are put in!

Crazy, Stupid,Love is a great movie! Really, I am not saying that just because of Ryan Gosling :), it really does have a great script, it delivers funny, believeable performances and is hilarious. Steve Carrell is at his best in the role of Cal, a man who loses his wife because he forgot to live. His chemistry to Ryan Gosling is amazing and they work very well together, getting the best out of eachother. The forementioned Canadian is...you know; I'm just going to stop complimenting him. 

I especially loved Jessica's storyline and the twist in the end with Emma Stone, I was not expecting that, but the garden scene is one of the funniest I have ever seen! Big pluses for Julianne Moore (who reminds me so much of my sister that it creeps me out everytime I see her on screen), Emma Stone (one of the sweetest, nicest, talented girls in Hollywood right now), Marisa Tomei (the single most funny character in the movie) and the little brother- I forgot his name, sorry!

I can't really explain why this movie is worth a drive to the cinema, but if you are looking for a sweet, normal movie for a Saturday night, this is the one! Something for the girls, something for the guys, nothing really complicated! I'm sure you will love it!


  1. Nice review.

    I liked the movie, but it was a little uneven. I laughed out loud at the garden scene, too. I actually feel that if they ended the movie right there, it would have been just a little better overall. Don't get me wrong; I like the theatrical ending, too, but the scenes immediately after the garden scene bring the mood way back down again.

  2. I am totally with you on that one, they should have ended it with the garden scene- it is great!