Oct 16, 2011


Yesterday I had the luck of getting in to see 50/50 after I patiently waited in line, whilst talking to some lovely press people who, apparently, have to do the same if they want to see a movie.

Let me just start by saying that 50/50 is a great movie, every part of the magical process of film making doing his job at the top level.

Firstly, and most importantly, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fantastic as the young man who discovers he has cancer. For me, it was the best performance of the year so far, ahead of Ryan Gosling in Drive (I haven't seen Shame or Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, so bare with me). The way he portrays his character, what it is going through, all of the emotions, it is wonderful, funny, yet sad to watch. I couldn't find a single flaw or say something wrong about him, because JGL was very real, I could understand and believe him. I really do hope he gets an Oscar nomination for this and he probably will.

Secondly, the script was particularly interesting and lovely, as it had so many funny elements intertwine with the sad ones, but in a suitable way. The writer knew when to throw a couple of jokes and when to just let it go on the silent, melancholic vibe. There were a lot of funny lines there (mostly of Seth Rogen) and I loved the reaction of the audience in the theater- I think everyone loved it. The characters developed along the way and the end, although predictable, was still sweet and rewarding.

Few tidbits I loved whilst watching:
- soundtrack (why do almost all the JGL have an amazing soundtrack? see 500 days of summer, Inception etc)
- weed macaroons scene- the trio is fantastic together
- very original cheating scene- script and acting wise; Seth, Joseph and Bryce killed it!
- it almost had me crying at one point - which rarely happens with me
- nice surprise by Anna Kendrick- considering she started in Twilight, I think she has a bright future ahead of her, if she will continue choosing parts like this one

All in all, I loved this movie and I really hope you will see it soon!

Now, off to see Restless! Busy weekend for me :)


  1. Probably my favorite film of the year, even though that's not saying much. It just blends comedy and drama together so well where I was laughing my ass off but then the next second, I was so close to getting the Kleenex. Also, is it me or does it seem like Gosling and Gordon-Levitt are going to be the next De Niro and Pacino for the next generation? Maybe this is just random but I don't know. Nice review.

  2. I'm glad you liked it Dan! Yeah, Gosling and Gordon-Levitt are great actors and they can become De Niro and Pacino- can't wait to see what they do next! I hope both of them get an Oscar nomination, especially JGL!

  3. I loved JGL in this. A well-done and unique perspective on cancer and how it impacts not only the patient but those around them as well!

  4. JGL is one of the greatest actors in his age group. This is probably one of the most normal roles he's ever had but he shows so much versatility in emotion here. I have problems with the movie but he makes it worth it.

  5. Yes, JGL is fantastic in this movie. As you said, he shows that range of emotions in a very real, convincing way!I really hope he gets an Oscar Nomination!