Apr 6, 2012

Random Recommendations

If it's not bad enough that I don't watch as many movies as I should, now I don't write the reviews fast enough. So, I decided to do something different today while I do my post on Once[2007] and see another movie.

Here are some random recommendations for you!

Song1: Somebody that I used to know- Gotye; lately it has received a lot of attention from TV shows (Glee, The Voice USA), but don't be fooled by it! The song is simple, yet very cool; I love the rhythm of it- it's been on my playlist for a long time!

Song2: If You Wanna- The Vaccines; currently popular British band with a cool sound and catchy tunes. Check this out and if you like it, try Post Break-up Sex, as well!

Band: The Maccabees- I discovered them by mistake while browsing Tumblr, but I am now slightly in love with them! I could describe their sound to be pop-rock, or indie, similar to Arcade Fire or Artic Monkeys when it comes to their first two albums, but the third one is a true evolution, and it has a more electronic feel to it- still, very good! Seeing them in London in June- twice, I can't wait!
Listen to: Love you better (2nd album), First Love (1st album), No kind words (2nd album), Pelican (3rd album, current single), We grew up at midnight (3rd album-ignore the video, listen to the song)

TV Show: Supernatural; I've been watching this for more than 5 years and I still like the characters and the storyline, something which rarely happens in my case. It tells the story of two brothers that hunt demons and other supernatural creatures, but also save the world from different imminent dangers (take Lucifer, for example). The chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (the two lead actors) is the main driver of the show and its fans, which are incredibly dedicated- it has a very small, but extremely devoted following! I don't know if it's your cup of tea, but if it looks interesting, give it a try! Trailer for season 4 below! P.S I usually hate horror movies, but I really like this show!

Website: ThoughtCatalog.com - collection of slightly ironic, mostly sincere essays- great read every day! you can follow them on twitter here https://twitter.com/#!/ThoughtCatalog

I hope you enjoy them! What have you been reading, listening or watching lately? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh I like Supernatural a lot, it's such an entertaining and funny show, though I haven't seen any episodes for the new season yet. I love horror stories taken from folklore and some of the episodes are like a laid back version of The X Files. Plus Jensen is delicious :)

  2. Love that Gotye album, so many highlights!

    Right now I'm listening to the Less than zero score by Thomas Newman, everyone agrees the movie sucked, but I think the music is incredible, here's a link:


  3. The Vaccines and The Maccabees! Soo much love <3

    I loved Supernatural when it first came out. I think it's gone on for too long now though :S

  4. @Sati: Jensen is delicious, but I always had a thing for Jared- maybe it's because of his old days in Gilmore Girls :)
    @Chris: Thanks, I will check it out!
    @Nikhat: Love, indeed for the Maccabees! As for Supernatural, it might be too long, but it's still funny in some parts and the two leads are still amazing!

  5. Ha, Somebody That I Used To Know...I used to love that song, but since it has a NZer singer it, it got overplayed so much last year. Good song, but it does nothing but remind me of 2011, every time I hear it!