Jan 31, 2012

January recap

January has been a good month for me, but I wish I would have done more and seen more movies. You'll see I like to count and take into consideration more cultural aspects of my previous month, so you'll get the numbers for TV shows, books, audiobooks, and other similar interesting experiences. I am going to start counting BBC series as movies, because the length and quality of the story and production fit into a movie category, from my point of view.

Film&TV shows: 
Animal Kingdom[2010]
L'amour fou[2010] documentary
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo[2011]
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy[2011]
Bill Cunningham New York[2010] documentary
War Horse[2011/2012]
The Artist[2011/2012]
Sherlock[2011-2012]- BBC series- seasons 1&2
The Skin I live in [2011]
A separation [2011]
Birdsong- BBC series [2012]
Sirens- Channel 4 series [2011]

Extra: Misfits season 3 [2011] - all night marathon at a local cinema theatre (a great experience and very cool TV show)

Books: 3
Audiobook: 1 "Casanova" read by Benedict Cumberbatch- the voice that man has....wow!

New blogs I discovered (you should check them out)
Sati at Cinematic Corner
Wilde Dash- she has her own music blog http://popcandyarcade.blogspot.com/, showcasing great and new music to me, but also contributes to the film blog http://www.loveandsqualorfilm.com, which is very good!

Oh, and I just surpassed 5000 views on the blog- crazy! :)

I hope you all had a great January and I wish February will be even better for all of us!


  1. Yay for 5000 views! A pretty good January for you!

  2. 5000 views is very impressive indeed my friend!! well done!

  3. @Ruth: Yeah, but still, you guys watch way more movies than I do- I need to catch up with you! :)
    @Scott: Thank you, friend! Have a nice day!

  4. ok, a new music blog discovery! Have to check that out soon. All the best and have a great Feb ( :

  5. Congrats for 5000 views and thank so much for mentioning my blog!

  6. Thanks for the LL Aziza!

    RE: Benedict Cumberbatch, I will have to look up that audiobook.

    As for TV, I am starting to watch The Shadow Line with Chiwetel Ejiofor.

  7. Thank you @Chris for the nice words and I hope you have a great month, as well!
    You're welcome Sati, you deserve it, I love your blog!
    @Iluvcinema: Shadow line you say? I will google it soon :) thank you

  8. I really need to see Shame, to know what the fuss is all about. I saw A Separation too. Congrats on your 5000 views :)

  9. Congratulations on a successful month!

    I agree Wilde Dash is a brilliant blogger.

  10. @Andina: Yes, you should see Shame, it is a great movie!
    @BT: Thanks, you have a great month, too!

  11. Yay for 5000. I love your BBC reviews. Please continue those. I don't get them anywhere else and they made me check out episode 1 of Great Expectations!

  12. Yey Max, nice to see someone is interested in the BBC reviews- I will continue writing about them! Thanks!

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