Jan 28, 2012

Easy going Saturday: 2 in 1 edition!

Since it's Saturday, a day in which we all should just relax, I decided to recommend two movies, two sweet Romantic Comedies, from different eras, with totally different actors and storyline, but equally charming and sweet! I always think that too much drama can wear you down, so, from time to time, I prefer these kinds of movies and you should give it a try, too! 

I saw Sabrina and Morning Glory a long time ago, but I still have some of the things I wrote down after viewing them, so here you go!

Sabrina [1954]

„It’s all in the family”

Sabrina, the 1954 version, is such a lovely film, mostly due to its beautiful scenery, the music, the direction and most of all, the actors.

There aren’t words to describe my admiration or love for Audrey Hepburn: she is the incarnation of imperfect perfection. So beautiful, elegant, graceful, sweet, but determined and displaying amazing talent every time she hits the screen, you can’t help fall in love with her. I love the fact that you can tell every emotion on her face; you can understand her and what she is feeling just by examining her posture, her manners, and the way she talks and looks away. She does that so effortlessly that I wonder if anyone can top that. Here, as Sabrina, she lights up every scene and moves you in which way she wants, playing the part of a shy, lonely girl to the T.

Humphrey Bogart is a wonderful actor and no one can say otherwise, but for me he is always so tight, so stiff. I understand, he is a real man, with posture and grace, in control of everything, but I wish I could see more of him, different reactions.  He, as well, gave a great performance and made us understand his character, but I wasn’t convinced. Maybe it was just this part...I don’t know!

As I remember other classic 50s movies I saw, I can’t help realise that it is all about the performance and the actors. In those times, you didn’t have much to go by, in terms of special effects, scenery etc, so the screenplay and the director had to relay on the actors....and in so many ways, it made the movie more interesting, at least for me, it did.

Sabrina is a beautiful movie, and I am sure the Audrey Hepburn lovers and the romantics will love it even more! Enjoy!

Morning glory [2010]

Morning Glory is a beautiful, simple, smartly written romantic comedy in which Rachel McAdams stars as a young workaholic woman who has to deal with the problems that her new job throws at her.

Simple, yet not entirely predictible, it captures the viewer by its fast pace, funny situations and loveable characters. I admired the fact that it wasn’t all about the girl who ends up with the boy, it was much more about the development of the characters, their interaction, especially the non-romantical ones (Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford are especially entertaining). 

It’s an easy choice for a late afternoon or girls night. You should give it a shot, it’s worth it!

What other romantic comedies or nice, normal, entertaining movies do you recommend? What have you seen lately?


  1. I think I saw the remake of Sabrina before I saw the original. I'm not sure if it affected my reaction or not. I just didn't find Bogart believable as someone a young woman like Sabrina would fall in love with.

    As for Morning Glory, I didn't have very high expectations, but I found myself liking the film. I've liked McAdams in most of the movies I've seen her in.

  2. Exactly, Bogart was not very believeable; good, but not perfect! As for Morning glory, I was surprised, as well, especially by Harrison Ford's role and performance: funny and charming in a way!

  3. Audrey Hepburn. What a wonderful star. I could spend every Saturday afternoon with her! ;)