Sep 30, 2012

September recap

This September started off very strong, but dosed off after the first week. Let me explain why: I handed it my dissertation on the 30th of August, then, from the 1st of September, I think, I got to participate the Fall Preview organised by the Film Distributors' Association, where I got to watch a lot of great movies. 15 out of the 16 viewed this month were because of this event.

After 4 days of intense film viewing, I packed by bags and went back home to Bucharest- I was sad to leave London, it wasn't actually by choice. Anyway, the next 3 weeks were spent adjusting to the new life and my time and mood for movies were practically nonexistent  but thank God I have a good final balance, and I have to thank the London event for it :)

Anyway, here's the list!

Movies 16
Madagascar 3 [2012]
Hope Springs [2012]
The Knot [2012]
Private Peaceful [2012]
Holy Motors [2012]
Anna Karenina [2012]
The Sweeney [2012]
Untouchable [2011]
Sister [2012]
Rust and Bone [2012]
End of watch [2012]
Frankenweenie [2012]
Lawless [2012]
Sightseers [2012]
Now is good [2012]
The Apartment [1960]

Books Sadly, I haven't had time to finish any books this month :( Hopefully, I'll be more successful the next one!

As usual, I ended disappointed in my September, but I'm not going to promise or hope for a better month- que sera, sera! :)

What did you do/see/read this September? anything good?


  1. Awesome list. I'm seeing End of Watch today, but I'm still dying to see Anna Karenina, Holy Motors, and Rust and Bone.

    1. I hope you like End of watch- it has its flaws, but overall, it's pretty interesting. Anna Karenina is beautiful to watch, Holy Motors is crazy and Rust and Bone...meah, didn't really blow my mind away.

  2. I saw about the same amount of movies as you, Diana. Oooh you saw Frankenweenie already? That one looks really cute!

    1. It was pretty cute- a lot of people loved it, I liked it, but wasn't overly excited over it. Still, a good movie!

    2. So Frankenweenie is good? that's awesome to hear, I thought Burton will never make a good movie again :) So jealous you saw Rust and Bone!

    3. It's definitely not the best or most interesting Burton movie, but it's good!

  3. Awesome list!!! So many I want to see here! Most excited about Sightseers and Holy Motors!

    1. Holy Motors is not for everybody's taste,but still very intriguing. I loved Sightseers, it was so funny, definitely see that!

  4. :O You saw Now is Good? How was it? How was Jeremy Irvine? I know it sounds bad, but I'm just going to see that movie to swoon over his perfect face, haha.

    1. I first read the book the movie was based on, and the film didn't have the same emotional impact as the novel- not a bad picture, just cliche. Jeremy Irvine was his usual sexy, sweet British boy, you will definitely swoon over him in this movie- he looks so much better than War Horse. I totally get it, don't worry :)

  5. Sorry to hear you had to relocate, but at least you do get to see some old friends and family now. I haven't even heard about some of the films you saw in September so you must have gotten quite an advance preview.