May 31, 2012

May recap

May was a pretty good month for me. I finally finished all my projects and essays for university and successfully turned them in, and now I just have to focus on my dissertation. After that stressful beginning of the month, I went back home for a week and a half and enjoyed spending time with my family and some close friends, while my mom spoiled me and fed me like there was no tomorrow :) Now I am back in London, ready to rumble, do my research and find a job. I need a job/work experience/internship/anything to do this summer, otherwise I will go crazy!
[Side note: lovely London people, what do I have to do to get into the press screenings? can I or is it too early to do it? help please?]

As for actual movies I saw this month, I am happy to check some important titles I've been meaning to see for months (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, City Lights and so on).

Here's the list for May:

Young Adult [2011]
City Lights [1931]
Some Like It Hot [1959]
Coco avant Chanel [2009] foreign film
Taxi Driver [1976]
Raging Bull[1980]
The Virgin Suicides [1999]
Le Scaphandre et le Papillon [2007] foreign film
Big Fish [2003]
Moonrise Kingdom [2012]
Brief Encounter [1945]

Books: 1

I also participated in some very cool blogathons
- Nostra's The Ten: Best actors of all time- my pick
- Duke&the movies' Representing Humanity- my choices

Next month:
- 2 concerts (Maccabees and BBC Hackney Weekend)
- Viewing of Frankestein, the Danny Boyle theater play that he directed, starting Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller, which also was broadcast live across the UK, and now it's being re-introduced to some select theaters. Just so there are no confusions: I am going to see it in the cinema theater, so no, unfortunately, I won't see Cumberbatch in person, but he will be on a huge screen in front of me, and I am fine with that :)
- Diamond Jubilee parties
- Tate Museum visit
...and hopefully, many more interesting things!

Have a great June everyone!


  1. Oh my god, you've seen Moonrise Kingdom!!!!! I'll say it again, so jelly.....
    That Frankenstein play sounds amazing already, just with the inclusion of Benedict Cumberbatch. I hope you enjoy it!
    And it was a pretty good month for blogathons, wasn't it :)
    Have a great June as well! Hope you get cool job and good luck with the dissertation!

    1. So jelly, I love this phrase, I am going to use it from now on :P Thanks Ruth!

  2. I am totally jelly too about Moonrise Kingdom! Lime green jelly!!

    Woah Cumberbatch within actual human distance- crazyyyy!! I would melt. The concerts sound awesome too.

    Glad to see that you saw some important titles. Also why don't you talk about the books you read- that's fun :)

    1. Correction: Cumberbatch won't be within actual human distance- it's a film theater, so I am going to see him on a huge screen from the 6th row, so that's a plus, too :)
      As for the books, I don't usually talk about them because they're mostly YA books and I'm not sure everyone is interested in them- this month I read Insurgent, if you want to know

  3. Wow another great month for you, quite a few masterpieces in that list of films.

    I'm going to try and catch Moonrise Kingdom when it opens here tomorrow. Hopefully I can sneak off early to the matinee :)

    1. Thanks! Go see Moonrise Kingdom, you will love it! Oh, and congrats for the nomination for Lammys2012!

  4. Nice working catching so many classics this month! Sounds like a good month ahead of you, especially with that BBC Hackney weekend!

    1. Yeah, I can't wait for that day, it's going to be amazing!

  5. Nice to know that you enjoyed your month. Mine was pretty hectic, but was fun too. Hope it all goes well with your dissertation and job.

  6. Just like me you watch modest amount of movies, but what great movies they are! Though in June I'm pretty sure I'll see only 2 or 3, thank you so much exams! :)

    1. Only 2 or 3? that's too bad, but I get why! Try to see Moonrise Kingdom, and I am sure you will catch Prometheus :) all my friends want to go see it, I might tag along, too!

  7. Nice batch of movies! Young Adult, City Lights, Taxi Driver... love all of 'em!

  8. Oh, you too watched City Lights! And Moonrise Kingdom - I'm waiting for it desperately.
    Good luck with your finding a job/ internship!

  9. Hi Diana, so we saw about the same amount of movies, that makes me feel a bit better. That's cool that you've seen Moonrise Kingdom already, I'm going to read your review now :)