May 1, 2012

April recap

If I had to choose one word to describe this month, it would probably be LAZY or maybe PROCRASTINATION. I started April with an intense 3 days of projects and then proceeded to be in a 3 weeks Spring Break which led to me doing almost nothing, except listen to music (mostly Maccabees, my current obsession) and, from time to time, read books and magazines.

I feel like I wasted a perfectly good month, and so, I hope May will be better (although I don't have high hopes for it, either, as I will be travelling back home for 2 weeks).

Anyway, here's my too short list of things I've done this month:

Once [2006]
Usual Suspects [1995]
The Godfather 1 [1972]
The Godfather 2 [1974]
Fish Tank [2009]
Taking Woodstock [2009]
Avengers Assemble [2012]
Sense&Sensibility [1995]

Books: 4

Opera: 1 (Rigoletto at the Royal Opera Covent Garden)

Event: Sundance London Future Filmmakers

I couldn't end this April recap without a little...
Blogger (and Twitter) love
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Love for the people who always take the time to comment on my blog- you always brighten up my day (the ones above are of course included): Pete, SDG, Steven, Chip, Ruth, Dan O and many more. Sorry if I missed anyone!

Have a great May, lovely readers!


  1. aaaww! :D Thanks Diana!!
    Procrastination is the word of the month - same here (except I've been at school the entire time...awks, haha)
    Argh, I've been reminded that yet again I need to watch the Godfather movies! I have them, I just...haven't watched them, haha.
    I've never been to an opera. I'm not suuuuure whether I'd like it, but I'd like to give it a try!

  2. Thanks Diana, that's really kind of you! I love your site too!

    Looks like you had a hell of a month, viewing wise. Keep rockin' and rollin'.

  3. Thank you Diana, that's so sweet! I haven't seen many films last month either, but wow 4 books, I only manage to read 1 a month and that's rare too.

  4. It looks like you did way more than me, even with procrastination, at least where movie watching is concerned. Right now, I still have 2 Blockbuster DVDs and a Netflix movie sitting around here and I've only watched one. I'm also still working on two books, both of which I feel like I have to force myself or convince myself to read.

    Can you believe, I've only seen bits and pieces of The Usual Suspects even after having at least five times to watch that movie in its entirety? I've never seen any of The Godfather movies but did catch a few scenes from one of them when it was on TV a while back....I don't remember which one from that franchise it was though.

    This weekend, I may go to see The Avengers but I won't be by myself...I know you went to check it out by yourself recently but going with other people is the only way I'm willing to see The Avengers. Otherwise, I'd be lazy and wait until it goes to home video....and that's IF I even get around to watching it.

    I just haven't had much interest in The Avengers but am starting to get caught up in all of the buzz surrounding the film, lol.

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    Blog: The Madlab Post
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  5. @Ruth: You should really watch Godfather, at least the first part. Never been to opera- again, you should, just to experience it at least once (pick a famous one, so you can recognize the songs)! You're welcome!
    @Alex: Not really a good month, but it was fine :) you're welcome!
    @Sati: Don't worry, the ones I read weren't that good (Fifty Shades of Grey- actually, it was very interesting, but not an example of great literature). You're welcome!
    @Nicole: Hello new commentator, nice to have you here! You should see both Usual Suspects and Godfather1, they are really good! Avengers is fun, no matter if you go alone or with friends- it's worth the cinema trip, go see it in theaters!

  6. Well you definitely chose your films well. That's a great month of movie watching! Thanks for the mention and keep up the great work!

  7. You didn't see many films, but some very good quality ones! And as Sati said, 4 books is pretty good too - I usually read something from 0 to 2, except in holidays...
    Oh, and thanks for recommending And So it Begins - didn't know that one yet!

  8. Those are some good movies. It's not always about quantity, but rather quality. (Which I suppose you could interpret as another way to say "size doesn't matter"....unless it does, in which case, please disregard this paragraph.)

    I'm still waiting for The Avengers to open here. I just found out the two closest theaters are showing it in 3D only, which sucks. Now I've got to search a little wider to find a place I can go see it.

  9. Glad that you watched Ang Lee's S&S, Diana. LOVE that movie! Happy May to you, too!

  10. @Pete: Thanks, and sorry it took me so long to visit your blog- I'm going to subscribe soon! :)
    @Mette: Alex is great, you should definitely check out his blog. I like to read books, but unfortunately I don't always choose wisely :)
    @Chip: I do think it's about quality, too :) As for Avengers, you can see it in 3D, too, I did and I liked it, I just said that it's worth either way- a 2D might save you money
    @Ruth: Thanks Ruth M, you made me watch it :) review up soon

  11. @Diana - it not only saves money, it also saves a splitting headache, as well as the frustration at trying to watch an underlit movie.

  12. I didn't get a lot of film watching done in April either, but at least you did catch some all time classics.

  13. Yea the weather is getting warmer and sunnier and staying holed up in the house watching movies doesn't sound as appealing as during the winter ;) I try to still watch two movies a week but it's hard to find the time as well. At least, you got to see some great flicks!