Feb 14, 2012

Valentine's Day special: Romantic scenes

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, mostly because the last few years, coincidently, I have spend it without a significant half, so the single people can understand how irritating, yet a little bit sad Valentine's Day can be.

But, I can't pass out an opportunity to show some of the greatest, sweetest, heart warming and romantic scenes from movies, that make me dream. Here are my choices:

Pride and Prejudice- field scene

I love the cinematography, the music, Macfadyen and the way he says "...and I, I, I love you" *sigh*

Dirty Dancing- nobody puts Baby in a corner

When I was little, my parents would use to put VCRs on to shut me up, call me down, so they can do some thing around the house. I had 3 videos that I loved and I could watch non-stop: Beauty and The Beast-Disney movie, Dirty Dancing and Cry Baby (the Johnny Depp). You'll probably wonder about the last two, but I was so little that I couldn't understand the love stories or specific jokes, so I just focused on the actors and the music and dancing- that made me happy. Dirty Dancing and this final part will always be a part of my memories, I love it, no matter what people say.

Country Strong- give into me

I don't usually go for country, but this movie is pretty good, and the song starting at the 1 minute mark is very cool. Plus, it has Garrett Hedlund, which I very much like, and the chemistry between them is believeable.

Reality bites- end scene
Oh, young Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder- what can I say more?

Bonus- the My Sharona scene is so fun!

Sixteen candles- church scene

Classic, no need for explanation! The guy is very cute! (sorry for the bad quality, couldn't find another one)

Romeo+Juliet- First meeting, first kiss

One of the most romantic scenes out there, I could watch this non-stop. The song, the story, the two young lovers- lovely, just lovely!

A walk to remember- the song

You probably don't like this movie and consider it to be a cheep romcom, but I like it. The story was new to me then (now, it appears to be the theme of the moment, as many movies and books have the subject of "Girl has cancer/leukemia, boy falls in love with her", with the obligatory sad ending), and I always liked Mandy Moore's sweetness and her beautiful voice. Plus, Shane West- yes :)

10 things I hate about you- HL singing+poem

Two iconic scenes which I am sure you know and love!

...and the poem

Jane Eyre 2011- Mr Rochester admits

It's not the full scene, but if you haven't seen it, I hope it makes you do, because it's a wonderful film!

p.s. If you're wondering why Titanic is not on the list, it's just because I never really liked it as much as the others, and I never cried during the water/wood scene.
p.s.2. If you are sick of romance, and just want sex, go check out Sati's post- 15 most memorable sex scenes

Which one is your favorite?
Do you have any plans for V day? With BF/GF, out with friends, or movie at home? Let me know!


  1. 16 Candles love!!! YESSS!!! I kid you not, I love that film

  2. Nice post! I loved that scene in "Jane Eyre" although for me most roamantic is Andrew Lincoln & Keira K. in Love Actually.

  3. I, of course, agree on the Pride and Prejudice scene. We talked about it in the comments to my recent post.

    I also love the 10 Things scenes. The even more impressive thing about the poem scene is that Stiles did it in a single take. It was so good that they didn't even ask her to do a second one.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Diana! I love a bunch of these clips, especially the P&P and 10 Things, I so miss Heath, I LOVE his singing voice!

  5. Ah great list here. Funny that, because of this list and the one I posted today, I find myself missing Heath a whole lot.

  6. @Scott: It's a great film, I remember I kept waiting for the two of them to finally get together or meet somwhow, I didn't expect to happen so late

    @Sati: I know I saw Love,Actually a long time ago, but I can't remember a thing- weird

    @Chip: Yeah, that scene with the poem is very moving and real

    @Ruth and @Alex: Heath would have become a great actor, it's too bad!

  7. Hey Dianan,

    This is a good list. I really like some of the teen flicks that you picked.

    I will check out your link when I get home :)

    I am kind of there with you on Titanic. I never totally bought the hype, in fact I only saw it on video a while after it was released.

  8. Haven't seen most of those except for Jane Eyre and Romeo+Juliet. Everyone definitely needs to see Jane Eyre, such a wonderful movie!

    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day Diana :)

  9. @iluvcinema: The first time I saw Titanic, I must have been, what, 8-9? something like that- it didn't impress! I did see it last year, I think, and it grew on me, it was a good movies, but still, nothing amazing!
    @Castor: Thanks Castor, hope you had a great day, too!

  10. Aww you included Romeo + Juliet's first kiss scene, it gets me everytime...beautiful scene set to the best song which genuinely delivers the heartfelt emotion.

    The 10 Things I Hate About You scene is one that makes me smile everytime I see it!

    Great post, these 2 movies are the stand outs for me :D

  11. @Russell: The song in Romeo+Juliet gets me everytime- it's so beautiful and it fits the scene perfectly