Feb 25, 2012

The 25th of February

Ever since I remember, the weeks prior to this day would be spent eagerly anticipating it, waiting to see what I would get or who will call or text me. When I was little, I only cared about the presents and the attention, but as I grew older, I just wanted to see that people remember and love me, and that they wouldn't forget my birthday, that I meant something to them. It's been years since I have counted down the days to the 25th, because I no longer think it's the best day of the year, but it's always a very nice one.

You see, I was born on the 25th of February 1989 in an Eastern European country. I was raised in a big, beautiful, loving family who always supported me and made me feel comfortable. They mean a great deal to me, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to leave them in September 2011, when I decided to move to London to earn a Masters degree. I was so scared before I left, constantly wondering if I will adapt, if I will make friends, if if if...and I am happy to say that London experience has been wonderful, so far, and I like it so much, that I am seriously considering staying here, if only I get a job by the time I finish my studies. 

I really don't know how to celebrate this day on my blog, what to do exactly, so I just decided this should be an opportunity for you guys to know me better and ask questions, if you have any. 

A few random things about myself
- as the my zodiac sign predicts, I am a sensible, calm person; I rarely get angry
- I love chocolate and no one could ever keep me away from it
- growing up, if you would have made me watch Dirty Dancing and Cry Baby, one after the other, non stop, I wouldn't have complained
- my friends say I am a little too serious and responsible and that I should dare to do more
- that being said, I am the biggest day dreamer, you have no idea what goes on in my mind :) I just have a problem of making my dreams come true
- the 6 year old Diana would have said to you that she wanted to be a dancer- case in point, I used to organize talent shows with my cousins for my parents and relatives and charge around 1 pound/1 dollar for entrance
- speaking of kids, I love them, but I hate animals. I do not get all gooey and soft when I see a puppy, but I do like to cuddle children- yes, I already have baby names in mind
- I develop what I like to call short-term obsessions (they usually last weeks, sometimes months), of certain actors, musicians, films or TV shows. Right now, I have Tom Hiddleston, American Idol and Lana del Rey/Florence and the Machine on my mind. 
- yes, I am not ashamed (ok, maybe a little) to admit that I watch American Idol (and X factor and The Voice) and I like it- usually, it's very exciting until they reach the live shows (I am talking about the auditions, boot camp, last performances, decisions), so sometimes I phase out by that time if I don't have a favorite in the competition
- this is going to sound crazy, but have you ever had that moment when you are suddenly overwhelmed by the beauty and sexiness of an individual? Mine happened about a year ago, when I saw A Streetcar named Desire- really now, Marlon Brando was ridiculous in that movie!
- but seriously, let's get back to reality, I am pretty hard on myself and expect a lot, but in the same time, I could easily win a Procrastination/ Laziness award- quite contradictory
...and last, but not least, NEW YORK- I have to see this town as soon as possible! One of my long-lasting obsessions and desires

That's a little about me, hope you liked it!

As for the Big Day tomorrow(aka The OSCARS), I don't plan to post any predictions, but I will do a "live-blog" thing (aka write my thoughts about the show as it progresses and post it after it ends). Funny how the Oscars are always happening around my birthday!

So, lovely readers, do you any questions for me? any curiosities I can clarify? 


  1. Awww, such a lovely post! Afraid I'm a bit of the opposite when it comes to children - I love animals, but not that big on babies (there are some, I adore my little cousin to bits!) hahaha.
    Happy Birthday once again!!!! xo

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy your day.

    Have you seen director Joanna Hogg's two films? Tom Hiddleston was great in both of them. "Unrelated" is the first part, and I heard the third film of the "trilogy" is in the works.

  3. Happy Birthday once again - I hope your day has gone well!

    I do like personal posts like this because I like it when I 'know' people a little more - if you get what I mean. That part about you being serious and whatnot...that's what my friends were saying about me just when I was flicking through your post at like, 2.30 this morning! Haha. I probably should dare to do more, but I'm happy being serious :)

  4. @Ruth: Thanks Ruth!I know the animal part is weird, most people love animals, I'm just not like that, I don't like them.
    @Chris: Thank you! Haven't seen Unrelated, but if Archipelago is the second one, I am planning to see it soon, but I don't think it's her movie. Anyway, I will check them out, thanks!
    @Stevee: Thanks Stevee (love your name, btw)! I'm glad you liked my post, I wasn't sure if I should post it or not, but I said, hey, what the hell?! It's nice to see I'm not the only serious one, but I have an excuse, I'm 23, you are younger, so you should try to do more :)

  5. I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday Diana!

  6. Interesting, since we're on the same zodiac, I guess some of your characters quite a bit like mine ;) Happy birthday again!

  7. Yes, Andina, we probably do have some things in common :) thanks for dropping by!

  8. A little late to the party, but I wish you a very happy belated birthday!! cheers!

  9. Happy belated birthday. Thanks for the personal tidbits. You said to ask questions. Here's one: which Eastern European country? Was it perhaps the tiny nation of Genovia?

  10. @T: Thank you, always nice to have you here!
    @Chip: Haha, you made me laugh there! No, it's not Genovia, although I wish I was a princess. It's Romania! Thanks!