Feb 1, 2013

January recap

January wasn't a very interesting month for me- at least on a personal level!

I started my job on the 7th, so all my weekdays were busy with work, and the weekends were spent doing other important things!

Here's what I managed to squeeze in:

Pitch Perfect [2012]
Lincoln [2012]
Django Unchained [2012]
Hyde Park on Hudson [2012]
Zero Dark Thirty [2012]
Les Miserables [2012]

Books  2 (Love Unscripted, The Ice Age- Kirsten Reed)

Here's to hoping February will be more active and interesting on a personal level! Maybe I can get to a theater play, like I've wanted for a long time, and see more movies, too.

Have a great month, lovely people!

1 comment:

  1. You saw some great movies in January. Hope you get to see a few more this month. :)