Dec 31, 2012

December recap & Resolutions

December was quite an eventful month, so I didn't get to see that many movies- I wanted to read more, so I focused on that. Here's a short recap:

Movies 5
Silver linings playbook [2012]
Beasts of the southern wild [2012]
Amour [2012]
Perks of being a wallflower [2012]
Sideways [2004]

Books 5

Now that we're very close to the end of 2012, I decided to re-check my 2012 resolutions that I set at the very beginning of the year. Here they are, plus my FAIL/SUCCESS markings.

1. Watch at least 150 movies- FAIL 125 movies seen

2. Out of those 150, at least 60 will have been released before 2010- SUCCESS 60 before 2010 :)

3. At least 15 will be foreign movies- SUCCESS 15 foreign films seen :)

4. Review or summarize/write about every movie I see- SUCCESS I have a 90% rate, that qualifies for green, right?

5. Do 2 marathons based on a director's portfolio- SUCCESS I did, on Coen brothers and a little bit on Paul Thomas Anderson and Cronenberg

6. Mantain my 18 posts/month for the blog-  FAIL, especially during the second part of the year

7. Have more then 20.000 views by the end of the year 2012- SUCCESS just surpassed 50.000

8. Rely less on piracy and more on cinema and festival viewings- SUCCESS, although I can definitely do better

9. Improve my writing (Longer reviews, with more depth and a better vocabulary)- SUCCESS i really do think I have improved, but you are the best judge to that

10. Diversity for the blog posts  (more essays, special features, monthly round-up etc)- FAIL I need to work on this one

I am happy to see so many SUCCESS marks and I hope next year I can say the same! Check back tomorrow for my 2013 resolutions!

Until then, I wish you a fantastic New Year, full of happiness, accomplishments and fun times!

p.s. Did you have resolutions? how many did you tick off?


  1. Ooh, you got very close to your 150 though! And you were so busy this year as well! Congrats!
    18 posts a month is a lot to ask! Sometimes I barely managed one myself, so don't worry about that one!
    Your reviews have definitely been evolving :) Looking back at ones from the start of the year you can see that (I always hate looking at my really old reviews, it's strange how much we all change!).
    I never make resolutions, because I can never keep them!
    Happy New Year to you to, Diana - hope it's full of love and laughter and amazing new memories.

    1. Thank you so much Ruth, for the kind words and for always checking my little blog. I hope you have a great 2013, too!

  2. Lol 18 posts a month. I can't do that anymore.

    I think you are getting better at blogging as well.

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Congrats on achieving so many resolutions! Enjoy your blog. How did you get to 20,000 views inside one year? Any tips for a fellow film blogger? I've been going since May and only have 2200!!

    1. Hey, thanks for dropping by! For me, the following things worked very well on raising the profile of the blog regularly (at least 2/week, even more)
      2.comment on other blogs (very important)
      3.get a Twitter account and talk to other film lovers (plus, it helps to keep a close eye on the latest news)
      4.become a LAMB member
      5.use tags and links to other websites

      Try these and I think you will be fine! Good luck!