Sep 19, 2011


Based on a book written by Ken Follett
Produced by the Ridley and Tony Scott
Starring: Ian McShane, Matthew Macfadyen, Eddie Redmayne, Hayley Atwell, Sam Clafin

Well, let’s start by saying that, if you liked The Tudors or Borgias or even Game of Thrones, you will like this, too. It is very similar to those types of shows; it has the same scenery, the language and clothes are similar and you will find, as usual, brooding men, wars for thrones, betrayal, lust, sex and love, that will eventually conquer all.

What I did love and what it did raise the bar for this particular show, was the aspect of the architecture. The cathedral is a main topic here and it drew my interest. Among all those rather expected storylines of love and dispair, you get to see how one is built, so that, in the end, you can appreciate the true beauty and art of the Knightsbridge cathedral.  

The cast is great and I was so happy to see Rufus Sewell in it, he is one of my favourite actors. Eddie Redmayne comes out as a surprise star of the series, and so does Hayley Atwell and David Oatkes, although I personally didn’t like him at all, but he is good, I give him that.

It starts out simple, laying out all the characters and the different situations, by the middle of it (episodes 3-7) you can’t stop watching it, as each one ends with a cliffhanger, and the last one ties up all the knots and gives us the ending we all have been waiting for.

It’s the typical course of a tv series, but after finishing it, I couldn’t help feeling...unsatisfied. You know what I mean? Because it is so tipical and it deals with storylines we have seen before, I wish he has something extra on the side, maybe a quirckier character, a big OMG moment or sudden death. But hey, it’s just me!

Bottom line, as I said before, if you like these kinds of shows, I recommmend it! It is good!

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