Sep 20, 2011

Revolutionary Road

[SPOILER ALERT] Detailed review

Revolutionary Road is a character movie. It’s not about the story or the design or the music, no, they are just the fine elements that help us discover the two protagonists, April and Frank.

They meet at a party and, as most couples in that time, end up married with two children. You get into the real story of the film in 5 minutes, straight to the fighiting, the tears, that sentiment of „what am I doing here? Where am I heading to?”. While April stays at home, taking care of the children and the house, all part of a routine she has rehearsed many times before, Frank goes to work everyday to stay in a cubicle and write boring reports. Neither one is satisfied, but both settle with what they have because that’s what people do, right? You were suppposed to live this life...isn’t it?

April is the first to realize that she can’t do it anymore, so she decides to move to Paris and eagerly tells Frank who is ok with it, although you can tell he sees is not a realistic idea. But none of the less, he quickly catches the „Paris bug” and suddenly comes alive, discovering his youth and his wife, yet again.  Although most of the people around them don’t agree, actually don’t understand the idea of leaving their perfect life behind and moving to another continent, they are forced ahead by the willingness of finally discovering their passion, their reason to live.

When summer arrives, the situation gets complicated as April find out she is pregnant. For her it’s not a step back, but another reason to live, but Frank is starting the doubt the idea, because of the unborn child and mostly, because of his new job offer.  As more days go by, April distances herself, wanting to get out this town, this life, away from her husband and with no baby. She sees it as a burdain and doesn’t  want it, that’s why she tries to get rid of it, to the dispair of Frank, who starts to lose faith and patience of her.

They eventually let go of the idea of Paris and become more agressive and sick of eachother, all ending with a big fight where April admits that  she doesn’t love him anymore and she doesn’t care. The next day, Frank goes down to the kitchen to find his wife preparing a wonderful breakfast. It seems like she has given up, realizing that she can’t escape this life and wanting just to get through the day like a normal woman. You can still see her suffering when she waves goodbye, when she’s washing the dishes.

One of the last scenes is the sad moment when she tries to abort the child. She sees the blood starting to drip and for a moment regrets her decision. I think the baby, for April, was just the symbol of her sad, unbeareble life, one that she desparately wanted to get away from. And finally she did, in a tragic ending of a great movie!

Kate is perfect for the part and Leonardo adds all the right elements to the story! Direction, photography, music, all beautiful!

It is wonderful!I highly recommend it!

Did you see it? Was it as good for as it was for me?Let me know!


  1. I did see it, can’t say I remember much about it, probably I should give the film a 2nd chance.

    Just recall there was a lot of hype surrounding the re-teaming of the Titanic duo Winslet and Dicaprio

  2. Yeah, there was hype surrounding the duo, plus it had Sam Mendez (Winslet's husband) as the director, so it was reported! I think Kate received a Golden Globe for it, the same year she got a Golden Globe and an Oscar for the Reader- another great movie!

  3. Still have to watch this movie. Had the DVD for this for 2 years now, but still have not come around to it!

  4. I saw this film at the cinema and remember the performances to be superb - from Kate, Leo and Michael Shannon. I do remember it being very very depressing too. I like Mendes, but this is one of his I have never revisited. I'd like to some day!

  5. It is a depressing movie, but not as Into the wild, that movie just made me feel horrible... I was going through a rough time and it depressed the hell out of me! Posting a review today, I think!

  6. It's a very dark, depressing, and overall sad film that Leo and Kate act incredibly well and just keep every fight they have, as believable as anything I have ever seen. Nice review Aziza.