Sep 23, 2010

To be able to draw like that is a gift....

A couple years ago, surfing the internet for cool pictures for a presentation, i found these drawings made by Stella Im Hultberg.

This one is by far my favourite and i even have a t-shirt of it

Maybe it's just the simplicity of the picture, the rawness, the sad, actually bored look the girl is giving, everything is beautiful!

For me, less is more and i love these kind of drawings! In an era where everyone is trying to be different, to create weird, unimaginable things to draw attention, Stella is doing the opposite! The colors, the old, dirty, "i spilled my coffee on it" look is unique and i think it gives a special touch to the work of art!

Please go check out her website and find out more about her! She is amazing!


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