Feb 7, 2012

Hey, guess what? I received an award!

You love me, you really do love me!

I was very happy to wake me to a lovely comment from Chip Lary at Tips from Chip announcing that he has honoured my blog with the Liebster Blog Award! So, what is it, you might ask? It's an award bestowed by fellow bloggers to give special recognition to notable blogs with fewer than 200 followers. I was very surprised by it, but happy and a little bit proud, if that makes sense, of my tiny, tiny blog. Thank you Chip for thinking of me!

Now, the winners have to pay forward to other people whose sites are worth the recognition. If they accept the award, they should: thank the person who nominated them; nominate five other favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and copy/paste the Liebster Blog Icon into their post.

It was hard to choose my five spots, but here they are (they might be familliar to you, but take a look again):

1. Ruth from "..let's be splendid about this" is a great girl and a good writer; special mention for her Classic Trailer series :)
2. Anna from Defiant Success - close to 200 followers, but still a great blogger- she alwasy surprises me with the number of classic she sees and reviews; plus, her Twitter and Tumblr accounts are fantastic, you should check them, too!
3. Sati from Cinematic Corner has one of the most beautiful blogs out there- I love the design and outline of it and her posts vary from movie reviews, to special Saturday TV shows and film scores. Please do check it out!
4. Nikhat from Being Norma Jean has only 59 followers? why? why aren't you following her? go do it now!
5.Now, I don't know how many followers A Cultured Lad has, but his blog is very good- I like the mix of reviews for films, books, music, plays and so on! Please do drop by! Plus, he loves Sherlock, so we know he's a great guy :)

Interesting stuff, I have never heard of this award before, but hey, who am I who decline one, right? :) I suggest you check out the blog of the person that nominated me and the one who nominated him and so on- you'll find some great new blogs!

Have a nice day!


  1. Aww thank you! You are too kind :D
    And also congrats :)

  2. Congratulations on your award Diana, very deserving indeed!!

  3. Congrats! I LOVE Anna and Sati's sites. Definitely going to check out the others you mentioned too.

  4. Congrats Diana, very well-deserved award girl, your blog is da bomb!

  5. @Nikhat: No problems, I always said your blog is one of the best!
    @Scott: Thank you Scott, I hope it is deserved!
    @Alex: You should, they are great!I always love supporting and writing about other blogs- we are all, after all, a big family!
    @Ruth: You are too kind, I'm not sure if it's that good, but thanks :)

  6. Thanks, but I kinda sorta got the award last year.


  7. Congrats Diana. I always make a point to stop by your blog.

  8. @Anna: Another one doesn't hurt, right? anyway, it's more about promoting new blogs!
    @Max: thank you, I'm glad you do!

  9. Congratulations to you and to all those you mentioned.

  10. Shows how great I am, I'm so behind in my blog reading! Danke muchly!!! :) And congrats to you! xx

  11. Well done Diana! These awards are great - makes the hard work worth it! :)

  12. @BT: Thanks, nice to have you here!
    @Ruth: Thanks! You deserve it, as well!
    @Dan: Yes, it does make the work worth it! Thanks!

  13. MovieNut14 how rude and ignorant are you?
    Diana, I'm sure there are plenty more worthy and grateful recipients you could pass the award on to!

  14. Thank you so much!! That's my first award for my blog :)