Dec 11, 2011


It's Sunday morning and I should really study, but there's always something else to do :)

Music has been a big part of my life every since I was little and it always helps me to calm down, or get fired up for an ocassion, or just work- there a song for every feeling in the world and I love how it can express that!

Below you have some songs that I am currently listening, but also some that are constantly in my playlist! Hope you enjoy!

Florence+The Machine- No light, no light

VersaEmerge- Santa Baby(cover)

Bobby Long- Dead&Done Blues

Keane- Somewhere only we know(Burberry Acoustic)
The Burberry Acoustic program is amazing! Check the rest of the videos on Youtube!

The Killers- When we were young

Stars- Dead Hearts

Tracy Chapman- Give me one reason

Red Hot Chili Peppers- By the Way

Some soundtracks are so good

The Temper Trap- Sweet disposition

Amelie- Comptine d'un autre ete

Social Network- Creep- Choir

Drive- Nightcall

And now for the overly commercial :)

Rihanna- We found love

Jay Z ft Kanye West- Niggas in Paris

Foster the People- Pumped up kicks

What are you listening to these days? Please do let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh wow, that short animation for Amelie is really beautiful. I think I'm going to go looking for the sheet music now, I'd love to be able to play that!

  2. I love Burberry Acoustic!
    'Cerominals' is a fantastic album, but my life is still being ruled by Arctic Monkeys 'Suck It and See' which has definitely become one of my most favourite album ever.
    I've just gotten into Cat's Eyes, so that's new for me.

    Good playlist btw.

  3. Thank you girls!
    Ruth, you know how to play the piano? that's amazing, I wish I knew!
    Nikhat- Arctic Monkeys are great, love them, too! BTW, the post is inspired by you and I'm sure you recognize one or two songs in there (ahem, Bobby Song, on which I am currently obsessed)

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  5. Aww shucks :P Thanks :D
    Bobby Long was among the good things that came out of the Twilight-madness because they did like a piece on him in the newspaper as one of "Rob's Brit pack".

  6. nice to listen to what you've been listening to!

    Love the soundtracks for social network, and Drive.

    there's a really uplifting track by Keane I recommend: Better Than This

  7. @Nikhat: I've known about him for a long time, since I have read that article :), but never really listened to his songs
    @movieandsongs365: thanks for the keane recommendation, I will check it out! drive and social network do have amazing soundtracks

  8. Nice, I love all those songs used in Drive. I'm also kind of obsessed right now with that version of Immigrant Song used in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer ;)

  9. Nice to see the old red head witch get a mention!! She is a very cool lady indeed....

    My playlist would be more 1920s - 1950s Blues. I love the old Delta stuff... I know I am a freak

  10. @Castor: Fincher always has amazing soundtracks on his movies, so I am not surprised; the song you are refering to is great, I like it too!
    @Scott: You're not a freak, I actually really enjoy music from the 40s and 50s! Thanks for dropping by!