Jul 31, 2012

July recap

I can honestly admit that I have no idea what I did this month- I literally just lost 31 days doing almost nothing, I don't know where it went! Did you ever have that feeling? If I could kick myself in the ass, I would- stupid Diana! Anyway, here's the breakdown:

Atonement [2007]
American Psycho [2000]
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus [2009]
Magic Mike [2012]
Spirited away [2001]
Almost Famous [2001]
Gentlemen prefer blondes [1953]
That thing you do! [1996]
The Dark Knight Rises [2012]
Earrings [2012] :)
The Full Monty [1997]

Books 1 (The five people you meet in heaven- lovely book that I recommend)

Concerts- Charlotte Gainsbourg

August is going to be a crucial month for me for two reasons:
- I have to successfully finish my dissertation
- I have to find a paid job [if I don't get one, it's bye bye London for me and hello Bucharest, and it's not something I want]

Let's hope everything will be OK and by the beginning of September most of things would have been resolved!

I really hope you had a better July than me! anything interesting happen to you?


  1. I love Almost Famous - such a good film!

    Your August sounds awfully similar to mine, I also have a dissertation to finish and a need to find a job. Out of curiosity, what is your dissertation topic? :)

    1. Well, it's about the film industry :) more specifically about the British Independent film sector and what are the main challenges and opportunities for distributing and exhibiting their movies. It's more business orientated. You?

    2. Sounds interesting! Good luck getting it finished on time :D

      Mine is about the use of sex within American horror cinema, and the problems that arise when American porn films try to implement horror. ... It doesn't sound quite as academic as yours :p

    3. It sounds good, too, I bet you did film studies, right? My course was on media management, so that is why I can't talk about things like yours, although I wish I could!

    4. Well, Film and TV Studies, but yes! :p Media Management sounds interesting and different :)

  2. I always have a feeling that I have no idea where did all my time went as it really seems I didn't do this much :) Hope you'll find job, London is glourious! I really hope I'll get to visit it again.

    1. London is glorious...if you ever come around, let me know, maybe I will still be here :)

  3. I've been a fan of your website for a while and I just passed on the Liebster Blog Award on to you. If you want to continue it you can check it out here: http://areservationatdorsia.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/liebster-award-blog-a-thon/

    1. Thank you very much, for the award and for the compliment, I will try to post my answers tomorrow!

  4. I watched about the same amount of movies as you, I think a dozen a month is about all I could fit in my life right now. Glad you saw Atonement, I want to rewatch that one soon.

    1. I think a dozen is just right, although I wish I could watch more! Yeah, Atonement was a good one, I saw it when it first came out, but forgot a lot about it, so I wanted to see it again!

  5. Yup, I know very well what it feels like when a month goes by and have no idea where it went.

    Still you saw some good films, and seeing Charlotte in concert is a pretty worthwhile experience.

    Best of luck in the job hunting!

  6. There were some good films in there. Good luck with your dissertation. Remember to quote from at least one book that each of the dissertation judges wrote. ;-)