Jan 16, 2012

...and the Golden Globe goes to:

As I did in the last few years, I stayed up and watched the Golden Globes. Although I said I wouldn't tweet about it, I broke my rule for about 6-10 times, but below is my...how to say it?.."full coverage"? "semi-live blogging"?

My comments and notes from this year's Golden Globes:

Red carpet
- Charlize Theron is absolutely stunning and her dress is beautiful!
- Was it just me or did Angelina look nervous whilst being interviewed by Seacrest? She looked stunning, she always does!
- Too many interviews with Glee stars and D-listers! Bring on Clooney and DiCaprio
- Jenna Dewan is wearing a Romanian designer dress- I'm proud :)

Best dressed list: Julie Bowen, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Tilda Swinton, Emily Blunt, Reese Witherspoon

Award show

Supporting Actor Motion Picture: Christopher Plummer- well deserved and I love him; he is a fantastic person, an elegant, adequate, stylish man and his speech was very sweet, mentioning Ewan McGregor

Actress-TV series Comedy: Laura Dern
Miniseries/TV movie: awkward intro of Julianne Moore(stunning, and she is 51!!)&Rob Lowe for Miss Globe, then winner Downtown Abbey
Actress Miniseries/TV movie: Kate Winslet- great speech, but too long

Totally useless speech by HFPA president- but then again Jeremy Irons was there, and he is always charming

Actor- TV series drama: Kelsey Grammar- uhm, wtf?
TV Series Drama: Homeland- nice surprise, Game of Thrones would have been nice, too!

Best Score: The Artist. Surprising, NO trent reznor?, also"I'm sorry, I'm french" genius quote
Best Song: Masterpiece-Madonna- of course she won, she had to be there; "Uhm, uhm, I'm not French, I have no excuse"- you got that right. Long speech!

Another useless speech  by a turkish actress

Actor miniseries/tv movie: Idris Elba- Rock'n Rolla badass, good for him!
Brad Pitt introducing Ides of March - of course the camera were on Clooney  and Jolie, who was looking beautifully to him, as he was the only man in the world- perfect performance or true love?

Actress Comedy: Michelle Williams- obvious choice; I loved her speech, she has very sweet and charming, sincere and short.

*Fashion note: what is Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing? oh my god- horrible
Supporting Actor tv series: Peter Dinklage- obvious choice, I love him and the show
Clooney introduction of Pitt movie, just like Pitt introduced Clooney movie- smart move, charming men

Animated Feature Film: Tintin- Spielberg had to win, right?

Clive Owen *swoon*
Screenplay: Midnight in Paris- Woody Allen

Felicity Huffman&William H.Macy introducing through one cute song- nicest couple ever
Supporting Actress tv series: Jessica Lange
Madonna comes back with a mean comment to Gervais- funny?!?!!?
Foreign language film: A separation- considering the love for certain Hollywood celebrities, I was sure Jolie's film will get it, but I guess I was wrong
Actress Tv drama: Claire Danes- Homeland
Actor TV comedy: Matt LeBlanc

Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer- hello fruntrunner, goodbye Jessica Chastain- sweet woman, too many names

Reese Witherspoon is hot- she is, what? 40? kudos to her

Cecil B.Demile: Introduced by Sidney Potier and Helen Mirren, the award went to the fantastic Morgan Freeman- he deserves it and I am glad to see him in so many great movies (Seven, Shawshank Redemption etc, but Casket video was one of funniest thing I have ever seen). His speech was surprisingly short and sweet and funny!

When Angelina Jolie comes in, you can see Brad Pitt is one proud man, and he should be, AJ is flawless!
Director: Martin Scorsese- Hugo- hmm, interesting! Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio just smiled- for the first and probably last time tonight- he's too cool for school, but nothing beats his BFF Marty
Comedy TV series: Modern Family

Actor Comedy: Jean Dujardin- The Artist- he is even trying to joke, gotta admire his french charming style

Actress Drama: Meryl Streep- Iron Lady- a little surprising, but I loved her impromptu speech, naming all of the great performers.

Comedy: The Artist

Oh come one, so many Smash and The Voice commercials, they are made up to be the God of television

Actor Drama- George Clooney- not surprised, but i'm not happy! Got to give him credit for Fassy and Pitt appreciation!

Picture Drama: The Descendants- no surprise for me here, but I doubt it will win the Oscar, just a hunch! Remember Social Network win last year?

Overall, I thought the pace was great, I wasn't bored, but I was dissapointed by Gervais, he was softer than last year! Who is willing to bet that Crystal is going to outperform him?

Congratulations to everyone! Bring on the Oscars!

P.S. Read my Shame review, I spent a lot of time on it and the movie is really good! This is the 4 am tired and hungry?!? Diana doing shameless promotion for her blog!

P.S.2. In a naughty, shameless game of Fuck, Marry, Kill, as I said on twitter, I would Fuck Fassbender, Marry Pitt and Kill Clooney! What about you?

Thank you and good night!


  1. I'm so supremely pissed Clooney won, I wanted the Fass to win so bad, they only showed him once, what the hell. Angelina's dress was lovely, but she is so skinny :( Good ceremony and great write up, I forgot to write about Tilda in mine :)

  2. Most of the acceptance speeches were nice but that HFPA President and Turkish actress?? What was that? Overall pretty much what I was expecting Globes to be. Nice Snippets though.

  3. Ugh, whenever I saw someone from Glee I felt like hitting something. That show really annoys me now! In fact, the whole of the TV categories annoyed me, I'm only watching for the film categories!

    Madonna pissed me off. Someone else I wanted to hit. (I didn't even like the song. I prefer the one from Albert Nobbs).

    Michelle Williams definitely was adorable :)

    How amazing was it when Sidney Poitier was onstage!!! Ahhh! :D

    I'm definitely going to catch The Descendants now ASAP - I didn't even consider that it might win. I thought Hugo would have had it.

  4. I didn't catch any of the awards as I was asleep, but I am pretty happy with how it came out!! Thanks for sharing matey

  5. I didn't catch any of the awards as I was asleep, but I am pretty happy with how it came out!! Thanks for sharing matey

  6. @Sati: Yeah, she is a bit too skinny! Imagine if she had more curves- perfect woman! Tilda always stands out, I loved her dress- combination and the colour!
    @SDG: Thanks! Yeah, it wasn't that interesting overall, but I wasn't bored either, I liked how they mixed the categories between TV and movies!
    @Ruth: Some of tv series that were mentioned are very good, you should give them a try (Boardwalk Empire, Game Of Thrones, Homeland). Yeah, Madonna was an obvious choice for the star hungri HFPA people+bad speech. Sidney Potier is a great man and I loved the way everyone stood up for him, but he spoke sooooo slowly. And yes, I, too have to see Descendants soon! I think it comes out in UK at the end of the month. Thanks Ruth
    @Scott: You didn't miss too much Scott, don't worry!

  7. For what it's worth - Witherspoon is 35. It's just that she's been working for more than 20 years that maybe makes it seem she is older.

    I also noticed Gervais wasn't quite as mean to the actors and actresses. He reserved some of his sharpest jokes for the Hollywood Foreign Press itself.

    Seeing as how I am a straight male, Fassbender, Clooney, and Pitt don't do much for me, so I guess it would be kill for all three.

  8. I missed the show but I'm glad A Separation got the prize. Going to youtube the highlights now.

  9. @Chip: Sorry for the Witherspoon mistake, it was late and I forgot to google it. Maybe Gervais hitting back at HFPA was to get back at them for their rules :) yeah, the game was playing on twitter, so I just put my answer here, no need for you to answer!
    @BT: yes, you should! Gervais Monologue, Clooney&Streep Speech etc

  10. Meryl Streep's speech was the best (perhaps because she's had the most practice at winning these things!)

    I thought Gervais was fine, but he wasn't as funny as he's been in the past.

    Nice review!

  11. I'm not sure if you saw my live tweeting, but how could you miss? I enjoy the award shows way too much. I was actually disappointed with the actual show porting though. It is like a poor man's Oscars.

  12. The Golden Globes had very few surprises as usual, but was a lot of fun still to watch!

    Enjoyed your post here!

  13. I only tuned in when Jean and Octavia won, love both their speeches. Fashion-wise, I think dame Mirren still outshines a lot of the younger girls... I also love Berenice's blue dress. The French sure knows how to dress.

    I'm thrilled that Mr. Freeman got the Cecil award, and he also mentioned my beloved Gregory in his speech. Classy!

  14. @MP: Thanks! Yeah, I really liked Streep, she was spontaneous and she named dropped some great actresses!
    @Max: GG can't afford to be like the Oscars, they have too many categories and awards to deliver- TV and Film!
    @T: Thank you and I like your blog, as well!
    @Ruth: Yes, I loved Berenice's dress, as well, I don't know why I didn't write her name on the list. Did you know Dujardin has been learning English in the last few months? he didn't speak it before!Also, so happy for Freeman, a very cool man, indeed!

  15. Great recap! I only caught up online but was really happy Idris won!