Jan 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions

2012 is here- the year of The Hobbit for some, the TDKR for others, even the "Apocalypse" one for a few.

For me, I hope it is the year of growth, of new opportunities, the year where I finally become a proper adult and get a good job in my field of choice and start a career.

But I am not going to bore you with my personal resolutions, but I do want to lay down on this page, my New Year's resolutions concerning movies (thanks Scott from FrontDoorCinema for the idea)- blog included!

1. Watch at least 150 movies

2. Out of those 150, at least 60 will have been released before 2010

3. At least 15 will be foreign movies

4. Review or summarize/write about every movie I see

5. Do 2 marathons based on a director's portfolio

6. Mantain my 18 posts/month for the blog

7. Have more then 20.000 views by the end of the year 2012

8. Rely less on piracy and more on cinema and festival viewings

9. Improve my writing (Longer reviews, with more depth and a better vocabulary)

10. Diversity for the blog posts  (more essays, special features, monthly round-up etc)

And so, at the end of the year, I can check my resolutions and make a proper balance of 2012!

What do you think of them?Are they accomplishable? Am I aiming too low or too high? What do you wish for?

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Those are definitely accomplishable - maybe I should try it too! I'm horrible at sticking to resolutions! Happy New Year!

  2. Those are some good resolutions - and I know you can achieve them! Good luck, and happy new year!

  3. Thank you girls! Lovely, as always! Have a nice day!

  4. Great list Diana! I think your resolutions re very achievable and think that you are really going to enjoy achieving them.

    I think that 2012 will be a great year for film and wish you all the very best of luck in your mission :)

  5. Great plans for 2012. Marathons on a director sounds great too. I too want to watch more movies before 2010. Happy new year :)

  6. @Russel: Thank you very much Russell! Hope you have a great 2012!
    @Andina: Yeah, I wanna do Fincher and Scorsese marathons, maybe more. And I do have to see older movies, so many classic that I haven't seen...Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Sounds good.

    150 should be pretty easy for you.

  8. Thanks Sam! well, it sounds easy, it's basically one every 3 or 4 days, but I don't usually have the time to watch them or I'm not in the mood, I don't think I got to 100 this year, that's why I am pushing myself!

  9. Niice resolutions. I am ashamed to admit to number 8 especially... but nothing releases in India!
    I hope you can achieve all of them :D

  10. Thanks Nikhat; I understand you, for number 8, trust me! Sometimes, that's the only way to do it!

  11. Sounds good, I bet you will have smashed through 20.000 views though!

  12. Those are some great resolutions and quite realistic. Hope you will be able to manage all of them!

  13. Fun 2012 resolutions Aziza! 150 movies is a lot although I've never counted how many i do watch (way less). But writing about all them is a great challenge. Good luck with all your resolutions!

    And have a happy new year :)

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  15. @Pete: Thank you, I hope so, too! Happy New Year Pete!
    @Nostra: Yes, I think I will, If I keep my focus on the blog and on movies. Happy New Year! Thanks!
    @Castor: Thanks! I don't usually count them either, but I am willing to give it a shot this year!Happy New Year!

  16. Thats a good list of resolutions. FYI the world will not end in 2012 cause Marty Mcfly travels to 2015 in Back to the Future.

  17. @threeguys1movie.com: He he, true! :) Thanks for dropping by! Have a great 2012!

  18. I hope you are able to achieve all your goals. To help get you started, here are 20 foreign films I would recommend, all of which also qualify for your 60 films made prior to 2010 category. (In no particular order):

    Seven Samurai
    Das Boot
    The Lives of Others
    Wings of Desire
    Hula Girls
    Run Lola Run
    Jean de Florette
    Manon of the Spring
    The Wages of Fear
    City of God
    Hero (2002)
    Monsoon Wedding
    Cinema Paradiso
    Talk to Her
    Kung Fu Hustle
    The Road Home
    Amores Perros

  19. Thank you so much Chip, I will certainly add them to my To See list!