Nov 18, 2011

Fridays are the best: Hard Candy[2005]

I saw Hard Candy about 6 months ago(or even more) and had to write something down immediately after, so here is my "review" from back then! Fresh out from the movie jar! :)

Hard Candy is one of the best, weirdest, fascinating movies I have ever seen! It really had an impact the first time I watched it!

Let’s start with the beginning. The first 10 minutes I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing: the conversation, the situation, all were so wrong and sick, but I couldn’t stop being fascinated by it. It was thrilling and interesting.  Although the discussion between the two characters seemed so natural and normal, the words and the flirtation was hard to digest.

Once they arrive at the house, that’s when things get real. The level of craziness and the guts that Ellen Page pulled off for this part is stunning. It started off kinda of weak, not very credible, but after 5 minutes you could tell she got into character. Patrick Wilson is absolutely perfect...his acting is flawless and not for a second did I believe he was an actor.

Their interaction was very well written and interpreted: both trying to overanalyze each other. I liked the fact that she knew exactly what to say and do to trigger him, to get his attention and to make him react. For a minute there, during one scene, you think „Oh, Jeff figured her out, that’s who she is”, but in a second she transforms and shows how sick she really is!

I could go on and on about this movie, but I will just say that it is bold, smart, weird but fascinating! You should definately see it!


  1. This film is intense. I remember feeling pretty disturbed after I saw it. Great perf. especially from Page, who (apart from Juno maybe) has never matched it.

  2. I saw it few years ago. My First Ellen page Movie. I wanted it to finish because it's so intense but it was so fascinating that I did not dare to move away from screen. Nice movie.

  3. Ellen Page is mesmerising in this film. Thought it got a bit silly in places, particularly towards the end but nevertheless it is a brave, harsh film!

  4. Solid movie although maybe a bit uncomfortable early on. Ellen Page was a revelation... that is until we realized she plays the same character ever since ;)

  5. @Andy: It is intense and disturbing at times, but that fascinated me! Patrick Wilson is amazing, as well!
    @SDG and @Pete: Great role for Ellen Page indeed!
    @Castor: Well, I wouldn't say the same character, she does mix it up sometimes! I think she is great; this role is one of her best!

  6. Great write up matey, for some reason this one passed me by and got forgotten about, but you have now got me piqued again.


  7. Thanks Scott! You should see it, it is very interesting!

  8. A very solid film. A great example of a psychological thriller with so few actors involved.

  9. Great review. Not even sure how I ended up watching this but it was on TV. I think the fact Ellen Page was in it got me intrigued and I was hooked until the end.