Apr 21, 2012

Musical Saturday: West Side Story[1961]

West Side Story- where do I begin?

Well, the first 10-15 minutes were interesting, as I kept waiting for the characters to say more then 3 words: it was all a mix of dancing, claping, miming, singing....but it got my attention and it set up the whole story.

I won’t say much about the actual storyline and what happens, that you will have to watch and see for yourself. But I will pin point some great things about this movie.

Because it was great. I just love Tony, as a character, as an actor (although I had my second thoughts during some scenes) , as a guy (he’s good looking).And Maria is so lovely and sweet (played, as I found out at the end, by Natalie Wood) and is perfect for the part...she embodied all of those feelings so well, it was very beliveable.

Some memorable scenes include the first get-together dance (I’m thinking about the choreography and the way it was shot),  the „We’re in America” scene on the roof top and last scene, the pivotal moment which ended the movie in a splendid, yet somber way. Also, I have to mention the hot tamale girl that is Anita (Rita Moreno) and the loveable Doc, who, although tries, can’t help those kids.

I can definately see West Side Story on Broadway, it was created for it and I’m sure it’s one hell of a show there. Actually, I’m kinda sure the play is better then the movie, but the dance scenes are better showcased on the movie as you can see it in different angles.

Letting aside all the Broadway-drama-over-the-top feel to it, it is a great movie and a classic and I hope you like it, too!


  1. My Dad's bee trying to get me to watch this film forever and for some reason I've never got round to it. Glad to hear you like it. Will really have to give it a try sometime!

  2. I saw the Indian remake "Josh" years before this one, therefore I found the original a little forgettable. Nevertheless loved the songs and choreographies - you always get me with musicals.

  3. I like musicals, and I'm not one of those people, who for some reason, think musicals are supposed to be realistic. Having said that, the ballet dancing street gangs at the beginning just took me right out of the movie. They have to be the least intimidating gang members I have ever seen.

    I like the songs in the film quite a bit, though.

  4. I really should watch this, it's one of those 'classics', isn't it :) And I tend to adore musicals!

  5. @Pete: You should, it's pretty light and fun- the music is good, I'm sure you will recognize some songs!
    @Mette: There's an Indian remake? I can see it...should be fun!
    @Chip: The songs are very good, I like them, too, and I was pleasantly surprised to see I recognized most of them!
    @Ruth: Yes, it is a classic, and a good musical, to top that! See it!

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  7. It's nuts that I still haven't seen this movie! I have to rectify that situation soon. I quite like musicals.

  8. Woops, that last comment was from me, Diana, I accidentally pressed the button before I could change the ID :)

  9. @ruth: No problem, glad you came, either way! Hope you get to see the movie soon, I like musicals, they cheer me up!