Sep 21, 2010



I am a normal 21-year old girl from Eastern Europe who loves all that is about  the media and entertainment industry!

Here, on a daily or weekly base (it depends on my schedule) i will post my pick/picks of the day. What song i keep playing on and on, what TV show mesmerized me last night, what cool guy i am dreaming about or what magazine i wish i had in my hands now!

So, if you are a movie addict, a tv freak, a music lover or if you just love this world, check my blog for updates!



  1. I saw I had a new Follower and looked in your profile to see if you had a blog, then came to check it out. I liked what I saw. Like me, you are mixing in more than just movie reviews. I will be adding myself as a Follower.

  2. Thank you Chip Lary! I love your blog, too!